Our First Year of Preschool and Separation Anxiety – Part 1 by Amitoj @tryingtobeasupermom

“Awwww… Don’t they look adorable?” was my reaction when I saw little children adorned in school uniforms, holding school bags and water bottles and waiting for their parents at the stairs near the school exit. We had gone to visit one of the best schools in town for enrolling our son. Just like every other mom in the world, I could imagine my baby embarking on his schooling journey on a cheerful note. While we were looking around the school, I could visualise my baby reading his favourite book in the beautiful book den, playing a xylophone in the mesmerising musical room, shaking a leg in the amphitheatre and swinging joyfully on the playground. We loved everything about the school : its infrastructure, education system, teachers, location and its proximity to our place.
The day was coming closer, and more than him, I was worried for myself. How would I live without my little piece of heart? What if someone hits him? Would the teachers take care of him as I do? And most importantly, could I really trust anyone else with my baby? But at the same time, I was excited for some quality ‘Me’ time, and the creative person inside me was already getting ideas for layouts for his first year of preschool scrapbook.
The day arrived. I got up earlier than usual. My little one was more excited about his favourite colour, orange, on the school t-shirt. Although we made it a point to talk about the school with him earlier, I guess he couldn’t just comprehend his life without his Mumma. We were not sure what his reaction would be but my husband was quite sure of my reaction.
The welcoming decorations in the school were quite enthralling. A “Step out of Mumma’s lap” signboard gave me goosebumps.
‘When did he grow up?’ an emotional mom in me asked an equally emotional dad in my husband, with a lump in my throat. The teachers were waiting at the academic reception. Some kids were happily going inside waving to their parents while some were creating a havoc. The moment they took him from my arms – which was precisely the first time someone dared to pick him up without my permission and the first time he was going to stay without me since the day he was born – it felt as if someone was ripping my heart and taking it away from me. Amidst all his screams and bawls, I wondered if I was forcing my choices upon him. This realisation froze me there and I was drowning in the tears of guilt and despair.
‘Relax Mam’, an assuring voice bought me out of my reverie. ‘He will be alright. Our teachers take care of the kids as if they are their own, and you should be happy he is starting a new phase of his life.’ A school official offered me a glass of water and this note.

To be continued…

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Amitoj is a dentist by profession and mother to a 4-year-old boy. Motherhood is the best thing that happened to her and she tries to cherish every moment of this beautiful phase. Being a voracious reader herself, she loves reading with her son and wishes to raise him a reader too.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my story.. I am sure many moms out there can relate to it.. Can’t wait for everyone to read the second part!!

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