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Life of Real Moms started with the aim of sharing real bits of motherhood to bring the mommy community on Instagram, together. There is a bond you feel with another mom when you know she is in the same boat as you are, when you realise she is going through the exact same thing as you. And that happy realisation that you’re not crazy, that whatever weird thing you’re going through is completely normal, that motherhood is much more than the perfect squares on Instagram, is unparalleled. Being a clueless first-time mom is hard enough. And as reassuring as the perfect pictures are that there is light at the end of the tunnel, what is even more reassuring is knowing that we aren’t doing anything wrong, that we are not bad moms, and that we are not alone. Which is why as much as we love the pretty, pretty pictures that Instagram is filled with, we encourage mommies to share the not-so-pretty bits too and #keepitreal. You see, that balance is essential to a new mom’s sanity.

So as new moms, we took it upon ourselves to restore the balance and save many-a new moms from falling down the proverbial rabbit hole and being stuck there. It may seem like all we do is talk about boring stuff and complain, but LORM and our photo challenges are much more than that. We make it fun and we make it worth your while. With prompts and challenges that encourage you to up your photography game, test your skills as a wordsmith, or get you out of your comfort zone and dare you to do something unimaginably weird, fun is guaranteed.

Whether you play along or just read along, you will find a story that touches your heart.
Whether you’re a master photo-taker or an amateur with a phone camera, your photo will make someone’s day brighter.
Whether you weave magic with your words or struggle to express your feelings, your thoughts will be heard.

Whether you’re a bookish-mom or a regular mom, we have got you covered.

Come join us from the 1st to the 15th of every month, share your stories with us, make new mommy friends, and maybe even win a prize.

13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge

  1. what a beautiful concept of making moms feel special ….Lovely…not very tech savy but will surely try my luck to meet and build new friends in this virtual world …Thank you

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