Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the hosts and prize partners?

Only if you want to be eligible for prizes. If you’re playing along for fun, you need not follow any rules. However, we encourage you to interact with the entries before and after yours by commenting on them, in keeping with the goal of the challenge.

I don’t want to make my account public but I am keen on participating. What should I do?

We understand that you want to keep your personal details private. Unfortunately, having a public account is the only way all hosts, prize partners, as well as other participants will be able to see your entry. So you can either archive your some/all posts on your existing account and then change its privacy to public, or you can start a new public account just for playing along with us challenge. We’d love to have you participate.

It’s Day 3 and I’ve missed two days already. Can I start now?

Yes, you can! You can start posting from Day 3 from the Current Day’s prompt or start from Day 1’s prompts. As long as you post everything before the deadline for that month, you are eligible for prizes, provided you follow all the other rules.

Do I have to post every day? What if I miss a day or two?

It’s okay if you miss a few days. The qualification guidelines do not require you to post for all prompts anyway. You will always have one or two extra days after the challenge officially ends, and you can use this time to catch up on missed prompts. However, sometimes your eligibility for a prize will depend upon posting for all prompts. In that case, do catch up by the deadline for that month.

THE RULES SAY ´ONE POST PER DAY.´ Does this mean I cannot post anything else on my account?

‘One post per day’ refers to the posts related to the prompts only. As we have one prompt for each day, it is easier to play along if you make one post each day for each prompt. You are free to post other things on your profile, obviously. 

Do I have to comment ON all posts on the hashtag?

No, you don’t have to. But this photo challenge was started with the objective of building a community and gettting to know other moms who are in the same boat as us. So even though it is not mandatory, we would urge you to at least visit other participants’ entries and give a few of them a read. Who knows? You may find your new best friend here? 🙂

are winners picked based on “best” photo or “best” caption?

As mentioned earlier, the objective of this photo challenge is to build a community. And this is not a competition, but a photo challenge. So no, we do not pick winners based on “best photo” or “best caption” for many reasons. a) “Best” is subjective, b) we don’t want any mom (who is taking time out of her busy schdule just to participate) to feel like her efforts weren’t enough because someone was better.

So somewhere towards the end of the challenge, all participants will be required to fill a form. And from the entries in the form, we will pick winners on random using and then check if that account has followed all the rules of the challenge.

Do featured posts have a better chance at winning

NOT AT ALL. For one, we have no way of knowing at the beginning which accounts will be able to do the minimum number posts required to qualify for prizes. Secondly, as mentioned above we pick winners at random. Featured accounts are just photos or stories that hosts / admins really, really liked and ALL ACCOUNTS have EQUAL Chances at winning provided they follow all the rules.

I’m not a mom/woman, but I want to play along. Can I?

You can, but the prompts and prizes (if any) will be mom-centric! We will try to keep the prompts as simple as possible, so you should be able to play along on most days. As long as you’re playing along in the spirit of being honest and being a part of a (mom) community, sure! Feel free.

I don’t live in India. Am I eligible for the prize?

You might be! Some of our prize partners may agree to ship the prize globally. In that case, everynone is eligible. However, if the prize partner will ship to an Indian Address only, you can get your prize shipped to someone you know in India, who can then send it over to you (within the next few weeks). Or if you are willing to pay for shipping yourself, that’ll be great!

Since this is about being “Real” does this mean I cannot use planned photos clicked from a professional camera?

Photos clicked from professional cameras can definitely be used. As long as you’re being your honest-to-god self, and what you SAY in the caption is real (about the photo or your life) your entry qualifies.

What does “Real” Moms mean? is there another kind?

“Real” here means “ordinary,” to put it very simply, as opposed to famous or celebrity moms. We (mostly) lead very ordinary lives and not everything we do is a photo-op. We share snippets of our real lives which may not always be pretty, and we know it’s okay because that’s the reality of motherhood, right? It’s a mix of moments that quickly make you go from “Aww” to “eww.”


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  1. It says per day per post.. And, in flaws it’s mentioned I can.. Confusing! I have missed out on thre days.. Can I post four different prompts on one day?

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