March 2018

Namrata Shetty

Meet Namrata. Unlike her inane handle @snamzz, Namrata tries to paint a serious picture about her silly musings and sillier muse – her little daughter Sam – in a perfectly imperfect rambling manner. An abbreviated online journal, her feed is a happy chronicle of her life post motherhood, her thoughts on all the changes it’s brought and how she’s influenced for the better because of it.

Dr. Pooja Kapoor

Meet Pooja. Pooja, a doctor, is currently just trying to stay sane while having a kid around. Her 19-month old daughter Miraya is her world and it is evident from her instagram profile @dr.pooja.kapoor. She has been told that she writes really funny stuff sometimes and she hopes to continue making people laugh.

The Prompts

Here are the fun prompts for the LORM March 2018 Challenge.

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