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It’s a brand new month and it’s time for a brand new challenge! As we welcome April, let us first say hello to my co-host for this month’s photo challenge.

If you are new, Life of Real Moms is a fortnight long, prompt based Photo Challenge that happens every month on Instagram with the objective of building a community, and you can read all about how it started and how you can play along, by clicking here.

As a part of this challenge, every month two or more Insta-Moms will bring to you a lovely theme-based photo contest with exciting prizes and fun games.

And the first Host for LORM April 2018 is…


Insta Announcement Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM April 2018 Anchal The Mum Story

Anchal is a blogger pursuing her passion for writing through her blogs, and is a full-time, sleep deprived mom to a hyperactive kiddo. And while juggling the two roles, she’s also trying to find her inner peace. She blogs at

Let’s get to know Anchal a little better.

What’s themumstory? Tell us more about the name and how you came up with it.

Anchal says, “The idea is simple. This is the story of a mum. Her challenges, her weaknesses and her real life.”


You are a full-time mom and an active blogger. How do you balance these two roles?

Anchal says, “Blogging is a medium for channeling my thoughts. And right now it is the only thing that is keeping me sane. I am a quick writer and once the idea is clear, I do not take much time to jot down my thoughts. But there are phases when I do not open my laptop for days together.”


What’s your mantra for raising Ayu in a multicultural family?

How have you blended the two cultures in your daily life?

Anchal says, “Right now, the blend is only in his diet. He loves eating both, dosas and paranthas. We decided that we will teach him only Hindi and English till he starts school. After that it will be his own sweet will if he wants to learn our respective languages. But he picks up words quickly, so it possible that he knows fours languages (English, Hindi, Kannada, and Punjabi) sooner than we thought. We want him to get the best of both the cultures.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM April 2018 Anchal The Mum Story 1

As Insta-moms, we put a lot about our children out there…

…do you worry about who may be watching? How do you ensure your child’s safety and privacy, while not compromising on your social media presence?

Anchal says, “There was a time when I was worried about sharing too much out there, but I realised as an influencer I need to give a glimpse to the outside world to what happens in my household. Though I do not share many personal moments which are very close to my heart, but I do share snippets from my day as a stay-at-home mom with my super active toddler.”


If you could be have an entire day to yourself – just to yourself – how would you spend the day?

Anchal says, “I would sit at a cafe and sip some coffee in solace while reading a book. The strange thing is, before I had my kid, my husband used to encourage me to to that and I found going out alone inappropriate. And now I crave something like that.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM April 2018 Anchal The Mum Story 4

What do you love the most about Instagram? How has it changed your life?

Anchal says, “I love the way a story is quickly visible to so many people across the world. And also for the community they have made with the hashtags. Earlier , I used to love Instagram for the filters available to edit pictures.”


Is there anything you miss from your life before you became a mom?

Anchal says, “Sleep. My son is hyperactive and doesn’t sleep well at night too. Especially when the teething monster strikes. I have not slept for more than two hours at a stretch since for over months. Except for the nights when he is unwell and under the sedation of medicines. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am sure I will catch up on my sleep soon.”


What’s the hardest part about being a mom…

…the biggest challenge according to you? How do you deal with it?

Anchal says, “The hardest part of being a mom is to be on your toes 24X7. On many days I lose my patience and yell at my son. Or show my anger in some other way. And that makes me feel so guilty. Nowadays, I m getting better at keeping calm during the tantrum phases.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM April 2018 Anchal The Mum Story 5

If there was one thing you could change about your motherhood journey…

…or one thing you wish you could have done differently, what would it be?

Anchal says, “My journey has been beautiful. I was diagnosed with ICT positive during my pregnancy. Which meant that I could have had a baby with sever jaundice or who could have been born around 28-30 weeks. But I held on to my prayers and everything turned out to be perfect. That gave me a lot of strength to be a mother because I was already to close to my baby. If I were to change something, I wouldn’t have offered him my breast every few minutes to keep him quiet. Instead tried other ways to calm him down.”


What is the one biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Anchal says, “That you cannot control everything. There is mother nature who takes care of a lot of things.”


How has connecting with other people on social media been for you…

…with moms in particular? Would you recommend it to others? Why? Or why not?

Anchal says, “I has been a boon because I made so many friends. In fact, we are all a part of each others’ journey as mothers. These mothers stand by me like a rock when I need it, and I don’t think I could have found them elsewhere.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM April 2018 Anchal The Mum Story 3

On rough days, what keeps you going?

Anchal says, “The thought that in a few years, all this would be like a dream. Which I would love to live again. So why not immerse in these difficult yet lovely moments and cherish them forever?”


If someone were to visit your blog for the first time, what would you like them to read first?

Anchal says, “I’d love it if you could start with these:

Thank you for taking the time out to do this. It’s so good to get to know you a little better! We are so happy to have you as a part of the LORM family.

Don’t forget to check out and follow Anchal on Instagram, and check out her Blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter.

Details of LORM April 2018 will be up soon on LORM’s Instagram! Stay tuned.


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