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And now it’s time to meet Host #2 for LORM March 2018. If you missed the previous post, you can check out Host #1 – Namrata Shetty’s interview here.

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As a part of this challenge, every month two or more Insta-Moms will bring to you a lovely theme-based photo contest with exciting prizes and fun games.

And the next Host for LORM March 2018 is…

Dr. Pooja Kapoor

Co-Host Announcement - Pooja - LORM MAR2018


Pooja, a doctor, is currently just trying to stay sane while having a kid around. Her 19-month old daughter Miraya is her world and it is evident from her instagram profile @dr.pooja.kapoor. She has been told that she writes really funny stuff sometimes and she hopes to continue making people laugh.

She blogs at –>

Let’s get to know Pooja a little better.

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 1Tell us about yourself in brief.

Pooja says, “Asking me to say something in brief is like asking the sun not to rise in the east. I will try. I am a doctor, an MBBS and MPH (Masters in Public Health). I have worked for about 2.5 years before I decided to have a baby and settle down. I am from Himachal Pradesh married to a South Indian. I am kind of hoping that you ask me about my love story of the North meeting the South. Currently, I am not working and busy mothering a super cute and a super smart 19 month-old toddler.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 6So tell us about your love story.

Pooja says, “I am so glad you asked. My husband and I were batch mates during post graduation in Mumbai. It started with the standard “Hi, hello, and how are you planning to do your assignments, may I copy” kind of conversation. I used to frequent the gym that time since it was available free of cost in the campus along with a trainer. (I am cheap that ways).

Husband says he first noticed me in the gym and saw how strong and big I looked with those “thunder thighs” and “huge ‘pahadi’ calf muscles”. According to him, that is the day he fell in love with me thinking that he wanted to be with a girl who could protect him. (I still do not believe him).

Then at someone’s birthday party, I beat him up for putting cake on face without my permission. That is the day he decided he wanted to marry me.(I do not believe this also).

We fell in love but there was some resistance from my family’s side mainly because none of them have travelled beyond Delhi. So me marrying someone from below the Tropic of Cancer with totally different cultures, language, dress, food etc. was a complete shock for them. They eventually agreed and at present, I often feel they love him more than they love me.”

As Insta-moms, we put a lot about our children out there. Do you worry about who may be watching? How do you ensure your child’s safety and privacy, while not compromising on your social media presence?

Pooja says, “Yes, I do worry about it. I read an article once shared by another Insta-mommy that had some tips to prevent any kind of misuse of photos. I try and follow some of them such as not putting any photos that have her naked and no bathing photos. I also try and avoid putting any photos where someone else’s face can be edited. Although, I am aware that these precautions are not enough in today’s world but there are some things that have to just work on faith.

I also try and keep a track of all those who follow me. I have a public account so I cannot really control who all view my profile. The least I can do is to check who all follow me.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 7

If you could have an entire day to yourself – just to yourself – how would you spend the day?

Pooja says, “I honestly want to be idealistic and write that I would start my day very early with a cup of green tea and a jog and all that. But then, Life of Real Moms is all about keeping it real. So here it is. I am not an early riser. So my day would start really late with a cup of warm water. Then a lavish English breakfast with eggs, sunny side up, toast, crispy bacon strips, sausages and black coffee, would be served in bed. Did I describe food too much?

This would be followed by a nice warm oil full body massage, of course not immediately, with some good music in the background. I do not like when those massage ladies talk too much. A movie in bed with lunch would be nice. This would be followed by an afternoon nap. I had a massage and a heavy lunch. What else were you expecting?

A late bath followed by a cup of tea would be perfect, right? Finally, the cherry on the cake would be to have a credit card with which I could go buy myself some goodies. Now I am really tempted to ask for a day like this from husband.”

What do you love the most about Instagram? How has it changed your life?

Pooja says, “It has made me a writer. I used to do it a little bit earlier too but I never took it that seriously. After I joined Instagram it took me some time to understand how to post photos and the hashtag business. I am so glad I made the effort to learn it. I have made so many friends on Instagram, those who love my writing, those who can associate with it, those who find it funny and some who are just friends with me waiting for me to follow them back. Instagram has made me see myself in a new light. I have a blog too now. All thanks to Instagram and all the mommies who forced me to start one. I hated you that time but now I am forever in love with you.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 3Is there anything you miss from your life before you became a mom?

Pooja says, “Yes, yes, yes! I miss my freedom. I miss my carefree life. I was a party animal before I decided to have a baby. I used to go out with friends very often. I was working so paying all of my bills myself. My house was the official party house for everyone. We used to have dinner parties almost every other weekend. We still do, after having the baby but now the timings, number of people, food to be served, etc. are all decided keeping Miraya in mind. I actually would not mind getting back to that life, even if it were just for a week. Is there a genie around?”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 5What’s the hardest part about being a mom; the biggest challenge according to you? How do you deal with it?

Pooja says, “I think the biggest challenge for me is “to be myself in front of my daughter and not really be myself”. Let me try and explain that to you.

As an individual, I am loud, sometimes foul-mouthed, and in general, an extrovert. I am slightly short tempered, obsessive about certain things (many things, actually) and sometimes a control freak. On the other hand, I am also a fun person to be with. I will crack jokes (sometimes dirty ones) and make you laugh. I am great with babies. You can ask the kids in my society. They shall vouch for their favorite aunty (No, I did not bribe them).

I want Miraya to take up qualities from both, her Mommy and Daddy. Ok, maybe more from me. What I find difficult sometimes is to maintain that thin line of difference between the two “MEs”. I love having fun with Miraya. We run around in the house, play, sing, dance and do all fun stuff together but then I also lose my cool with her. I scream and shout. I have also hit her sometimes (not proud). I find it difficult to control this side of me. I want her to be fun like me but not really like me. (Did that make sense?)”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 4

And the easiest part?

Pooja says, “The easiest part is to bring a smile on a kid’s face. It is actually easier than it sounds. I noticed this a few days. When I scold Miraya, she still wants to come and hug me. She would be crying but she just wants me to pick her up and hug her. Once I do that, she stops crying, hugs me, and smiles. It is that easy. All that babies need is a hug. An assurance that you are always there for them, even if angry with them, is what makes them smile.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 2

If there was one thing you could change about your motherhood journey or one thing you wish you could have done differently, what would it be?

Pooja says, “Yes, do not ever, ever fall into this trap statement “Eat, baby eat. You are now eating for two people”. It’s a trap. Trust me. I was fed, in fact over-fed by my aunt-in-law. She used to stand on my head for me to finish what was served to me. I wish I had not eaten all that food. My old clothes would have been still fitting me. Yes, I know I can exercise and lose all the weight. But then there would be no fun if you can’t blame something on your in-laws, if not anything else. (P.S. I love my in-laws).”

What is the one biggest lesson motherhood has taught you?

Pooja says, “The lessons are many but the most important thing that I have learnt is “You might not be the perfect mother in this world, but you are just perfectly perfect for your kid. You are exactly what she needs”. I try and tell this to myself every single day after 17th July 2016. Yes, I do have days when I want to run away and do not wish to listen to anyone’s advice, let alone my own. Thankfully, those days are currently rare. I know I am a doing a great job with my mini human and I will ensure I raise her into a strong, kind, and a loving human being. You are also doing an amazing job mamma, have faith in yourself.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 9How has connecting with other people on social media been for you (moms in particular)? Would you recommend it to others? Why? Or why not?

Pooja says, “Connecting with other moms on social media is one of the best things to have happened to me. How do you think I am being interviewed and given the chance to host a contest?

I have met some really amazing people online, both males and females. I have met mothers who are single moms and rocking it. I know mothers who are raising boys who will grow up to be gentlemen in the real sense. I know moms who have amazing figures despite having babies. Although, honestly I think I am a bit jealous of them. Yes, they should ideally inspire me. I am yet to reach that phase. I know moms who are amazing cooks, amazing photographers, great dancers, and even comic strip writers.

And I found three moms who are currently my “gang of girls”. We crib, we cry, we laugh together. We have gossiped about anything and everything under the sun, be it in-laws, husbands, ex-boyfriends, other Insta-moms, etc. You have no idea how much fun it is. And you will never know whom all have we discussed.”

Have you been subject to mom judgement online? How did you deal with it?

Pooja says, “Thankfully, no. Not yet. Maybe I am not that famous yet.”

What’s your biggest challenge on Social Media?

Pooja says, “A lot on social media is a lie. It is a big sham. Perfect, flawless skin; perfectly clean homes, well behaved kids; perfect husbands, perfect holidays etc. exist on social media. When I see such photos on social media, deep down I know that it is partly the truth and partly the final outcome after tons of photographs, lots of edits, lots of filters and use of a gazillion apps. But it still sometimes makes me feel that I do not have what that lady or man has. This happens only sometimes, ok? So please do not judge me. Most of the times I know very well that I have exactly what they do not: my crazy mind and my weirdness. You thought I would mention my husband and daughter, right? Everyone has them and for everyone their partners and families are perfect.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM March 2018 Dr Pooja Kapoor 11.jpgHow do you manage to keep it real when you look at other’s seemingly perfect lives on Instagram?

Pooja says, “Wow, so you do think I manage to keep it real on Instagram? I will take that as a huge compliment. This means you have gone through my profile, seen most of my pictures and read at least some of my posts. I know I write very long posts and they sometimes tend to get a little boring. I hardly ever use filters on my photos. My daughter is relatively darker in color than me. My husband is way darker than her also. I never make them look fairer. They are beautiful the way they are. I write what I feel like. My posts reflect exactly what is going on in my head. I do not believe in using fancy, heavy words. The dictionary and thesaurus exist for that. I write serious stuff in a fun way, which is able to strike a cord with the reader. You just finished reading my interview. Did you also feel the same? Please say yes.”

If someone were to visit your blog for the first time, what would you like them to read first?

Pooja says, “I’d love it if you could start with these:

I want to LOL, and I’m sure you all feel the same. That fun, Pooja. AND funny 😂. Thank you, so much for telling it like it is, and for being a part of the LORM family. It’s so good to get to know you a little better.

Don’t forget to check out and follow Pooja on Instagram.

Details of LORM March 2018 will be up soon! Stay tuned.


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