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And now it’s time to meet another lovely lady who hosted our wonderful Diwali Challenge and is now hosting our Birthday Bonanza too!

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Saru is the mommy of a 19-month-old handsome boy. She is a Fitness and Fashion enthusiast. On her blog, Diapers and Lipsticks, Saru writes about her parenting experiences, beauty, fashion, and tips to maintain the balance of many roles that women play. Founder of the Online Fitness and Motivational program #LetsBeFitChallenge, she believes only happy and healthy moms can raise happy and healthy babies.

Let’s get to know Saru a little better.

You were working for an MNC earlier. What was it like switching from that to blogging? How did it happen?

Saru says, “After becoming mom, I decided to quit my job and cherish this journey of Motherhood that I had been waiting for. Although I loved my job but I always felt something was missing in life and I always wanted to do something of my own, where I could be creative.

I used to read many parenting related articles and came across a Parenting App that allows every mother to share her experience and thoughts. I felt like trying this and started writing for that site and receive a great response. My first blog got more than 40k views and it felt great. After writing for them, I decided to do insta blogging which I felt was more convenient and great way to connect with fellow moms and mom bloggers.”

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Were you always interested in fashion? When did you forest realise that?

Saru says, “As far I remember, I always had been inclined towards fashion and I realized this as early as my schooling days. Me and my sister would love to dress up and take pictures of each other. We would even create our designs and show them to the master of our factory (my dad’s business) to get them stiched.”

How do you manage to be so fit with an active toddler?

Saru says, “Fitness has always been a part of my life and it comes naturally. In fact everyone in our family is a fitness freak. So encouragement and support from family is one big reason. Even during my pregnancy I used to do prenatal yoga to stay healthy and active and since then Yoga and meditation have become a part of my life. ”

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Tell us more about the #Letsbefitchallenge.

Saru says, “When I shared my journey of weight loss and keeping fit soon after becoming a mom, I had many mums and mums-to-be asking me about tips to stay fit and how I did it. But most of them agreed that they lost the motivation soon and how it was challenging for them. So I along with one of my friends who’s a trained yoga practitioner, came up with the #letsbefitchallenge which not only includes personalized counseling on diets and exercises, but also helps participants stay motivated through an online motivational group.”

What are some of the other things that you love doing?

Saru says, “Writing was the last thing I thought I’ll ever do as my major passions were Dancing and sketching.”

If you could have an entire day to yourself – just to yourself – how would you spend the day?

Saru says, “If I had the entire day to myself (which is so hard to imagine now that I’m a mom, but it does sound very tempting) I would love to spend the day with my better half. We would love to watch movies together, read a good book, go out for dinner and go for a long drive maybe.”

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What’s the hardest part about being a mom; the biggest challenge according to you? How do you deal with it?

Saru says, “The hardest part or the biggest challenge about being a mom is to create the balance in all the roles we play as woman. Be it wife, daughter, sister or just yourself. It becomes challenging to devote time to all the roles equally.

Prioritizing helps me overcome this challenge. Although kids will always be the priority but it’s important to find time for yourself and other relations too.”

How has connecting with other people on social media been for you (moms in particular)? Would you recommend it to others? Why? Or why not?

Saru says, “I have found a great community of moms and other friends from all around the world. Reading about their journies, their thoughts and perspectives, I have learnt a lot and made some really good friends. ”

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Thank you for taking the time out to do this. It’s so good to get to know you a little better! We are so happy to have you as a part of the LORM family.

Don’t forget to check out and follow Saru on Instagram, and check out her Blog too.

Details of LORM BINGO 2018 will be up soon on LORM’s Instagram! Stay tuned.


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