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I joined Instagram in April 2017 because I needed reminders to take more pictures of Gulabo. Over the months, it’s become my virtual mom space. I’m grateful for the mothers who make me realize I’m not in this alone. And I’m most grateful to We Are Real Moms (now, Life of Real Moms), a 15-day prompts-based photo-challenge, for introducing me to the majority of the mums whom I call friends today. In December 2017… wait for it… I get to host We Are Real Moms (now, Life of Real Moms) (insert fangirl shrieks of excitement, I’m super kicked! 5 days to go 😊😊😊).

And I couldn’t have asked for a better person to partner with. Say hello to my co-host for December’s challenge.

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM December 2017 Sharvi The Start Moms Girl

This multifaceted mamma wears many hats. She is a former hotelier, and corporate trainer. She currently does interior design and blogs about her love for stationery/planning. All this while parenting her two year old and making it look like fun!

She is Sharvi from TheStartMomsGirl, mom to Baby Ovi, and the sweetest person you could ever meet. She’s so enthusiastic about everything, I’ve never heard her say no! I first connected with her over her Insta profile – as a stationery hoarder lover myself, I love her weekly haul posts! Here’s Sharvi, in her own words.

You’re a planner, a blogger, an interior designer, and a mother. How do you fit it all in? What does a typical day look like?

 Sharvi says, “Many roles, one person… For a not-so-good-at-time-management mommy like me, I heavily rely on reminders, to-do lists and my planner system. They are my complete saviors. My planning is what I do once weekly, blogging could be every 15 days, interior designing depending on projects I may get spanning months and mommying my baby everyday! My timelines blur sometimes as I do work from home few days and my blogs are spread out to one blog post a month nowadays. My typical day starts with my toddler waking up with me, breakfast routines and other chores including baby chores , the few hours in between is when I head to work while the toddler goes to daycare and evenings is busy with toddler and hubby at home. In recent times, I love to stay up till late as its a good respite from a busy day and I love my ME time then.”

Life of Real Moms Co Host LORM December 2017 Sharvi The Start Moms Girl

Your adventure travelogues on Instagram give the rest of us serious #lifegoals. Which was your favourite adventure till date?

 Sharvi says, “For someone who is terribly scared of a mouse…. I met this man, my husband now, and all my thirst for adventure was satiated by the time we had our first baby. 🚣From sailing, to trekking up old forts, to camping in tents near a old abandoned fort….To doing adventure sports like horse riding and flying fox when I was 3 weeks pregnant…. To skipping the luxury stay for a bamboo hut in the farms at historical Hampi, where we were also visited by a leopard during that stay! The most recent one, seeing majestic tigers so close without barriers and grills, and that too with our toddler in tow, at Tadoba forest… that was by far my favourite.”

There’s been a lot of talk about the privacy concerns surrounding putting your life up online. What’s your take?

Sharvi says, “Social media has its pros and cons but to each its own. Of course it does involve a risk, however all jobs, businesses and endeavors have occupational hazards. What we share with the world needs to have a genuine purpose and meaning for people to connect with us, however this sharing of life with the world can be done safely too.

  • Make sure pictures are watermarked
  • Delete or archive shared data safely
  • Be alert about who we divulge information to online
  • Constantly be alert and on guard about who you allow as friends or followers.”

You blog about your experience as a new mom. What would your key advice be to moms who are just starting out?

Sharvi says, “My advice would be NO ADVICE! As a rule now, I do not give advice anymore as new mothers are definitely well read and updated about pretty much everything even before they deliver. I choose to only direct new mothers to read, validate and see what suits them best to have a smooth first year of baby birth. Not one size fits all is absolutely true when it comes to parenting and in today’s digital age, its best for new mothers to have faith in their own moms and their pediatricians. For added wisdom, I would recommend to read books rather than internet articles about parenting.”

Is there anything you miss about your life pre-motherhood?

Sharvi says, “The ability to just take off anywhere, any place and any time… I miss that footloose feeling, but mom feelings take over and I feel it’s worth waiting it out till my daughter is 20 to pack my bags and take off with my husband for a couple adventure trip!”

How do you manage to keep it real when you see seemingly perfect feeds on Instagram?

Sharvi says, “The key is to keep it real with words. I absolutely believe in the power of words. I can post a professionally taken picture of me posing or a magical family photo-op, full of filters and Photoshop edits, but my words will be real…I don’t hesitate to say “This is me but… with filters and posing for the 10th time to get that pose or smile right”. After all a picture speaks a thousand words but I can definitely have my caption clarifying it’s not what you think it is 😊”

If someone visits your blog for the first time…what should they read first?

Sharvi says, “I’d love it if you could start with these:

What a fun interview! Thanks for those answers, Sharvi. Big thanks to Nikita from Being Mamma Bear for introducing me to We Are Real Moms (now, Life of Real Moms), and letting me co-host this month. Sharvi and I loved getting to know each other a little better through this. Speaking of knowing me better, Sharvi interviewd me too. Click here if you’d like a read ❤

To those of you just meeting Sharvi, go show TheStartMomsGirl some love on Social Media.

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Details of  WARM December 2017  will be up soon! Stay tuned, and play along. I’m really excited about this month’s theme, and think you will be too.


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