Nikita Azad
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Laddoo's Mom
'Life of Real Moms' came to be when Nikita started sharing unfiltered snippets from her daily life as a sleep-deprived new mom surviving only on coffee and the cute smiles of her (then) Laddoo-like baby on her blog, Being Mamma Bear. Formerly a writer, crafter, a teacher, and a saner human being, Nikita is now a full-time mom and a part-time social media junkie trying to balance her home, her blogs (yes, multiple) and still find time to eat, sleep, and bathe on time.
Tamanna Bavishi
Editor, Community Manager, Cookie's Mom

A vivacious marketing professor, Tamanna loves dancing and is an avid reader - more like a book hogger. This mom holds a virtual laurel as a Potterhead as well, just saying. Her only subject at the moment is Majoring Motherhood with 'Lil Cookie. Being brought up in various parts of the country has had a major impact on her style of parenting and she hopes to implement those while trying to raise a gentle child.