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This was my first participation and it was thrilling

It was wonderful to be part of Life of real moms.Your prompts for Harry Potter theme were unique and interesting.This was my first participation and it was thrilling. It revived so many memories which were deep hidden inside my heart. It was interesting to note that most of the mommies go through same challenges that I have faced and I am not alone. Credit goes to the wonderful hosts and their creativity to come up such wonderful themes and interpretation.

August 21, 2018

I love being a part of LORM!

Following LORM on Instagram has been one of the best things I have done. It’s like the real mommy world out there. It feels great to see that most of the mommies go through the same challenges that I do and that I am not alone. It is not always those best Instagram pics that need all the editing work on them. Every post is a reality. Just as it is. I got help regarding so many things from other moms out there. In fact, I got to know many new methods as well. The monthly challenges are amazing. Triggers the creative person in me. And all the hosts are super friendly and helpful. I love being a part of LORM.

Gayatri Deshmukh
August 19, 2018

A real, supportive, relatable community!

For over a year now, I’ve met some of the most honest and helpful moms through Life of Real Moms. The photo contest creates a positive online space in the midst of all the perfect, aspirational posts. It’s a space where moms are just being themselves, and are confident that there are others going through exactly the same thing. I’ve never actually won a WARM/LORM challenge but it’s always been worth it nonetheless – for the conversations, connections, and laughs that I’ve gained here along the way 🙂

Akshaya @andhowdoyoudo
August 23, 2018

I was given a chance to express myself

I came across “Life of Real Moms” page on Instagram around January 2018 (I know it was late), and slowly I got to know more about LORM. I played my first LORM in April and loved the way I was given a chance to express myself and bring on all the forgotten pictures on my grid. I revived many memories which strengthened my bond with my baby. I can’t thank the LORM team enough for putting up so many efforts and bringing us an amazing platform.

Although, prizes were never my motivation to play LORM but, whenever I won the challenge I got the prizes on time.

August 20, 2018

Thank you LORM for connecting moms from all over world

LORM is an awesome platform to stay connected with real enthusiastic moms. It is an awesome place to get lots of love and spread love. A forum through we get validations, know real challenges faced by some warrior moms, get awareness about various areas. Keep growing and spreading love LORM. Best wishes.

Kanta @kantamili24
August 20, 2018

LORM has become such a highlight for me

I am not at all an old player, but I have just joined some months back and already LORM has become such a highlight for me. I eagerly wait every month for the theme and prompts and then sorting ideas for them. I really wish to thank LORM for helping me become a better writer. After reading other entries I get really motivated and learn a lot from other mothers. So thank you LORM.

Mommy to BabyV
August 21, 2018

Thank you so much!

Life of Real Moms gives me a platform not only to share my stories but also to read stories of other moms and connect with them. The monthly photo challenges conducted each month also gives me goals and cues to post on Instagram, otherwise, for which I would have struggled. And apart from helping me to keep abreast with the latest trends in parenting in terms of toys, books, recipes etc., reading posts of other moms through LORM also gives me perspectives and insights other than mine which has been helping me in my parenting journey. Thank you so much!

Sweta Kachhap @cloud_and_sunshine
August 19, 2018

Great concept and awesome team

Life of Real Moms is a good initiative. Love the fact that it’s growing each day. Not only that the ideas are great, they are properly executed too. It’s something I look forward to. Till now I have successfully participated 3 times. It has made me a little more creative as well as widened my horizons. The other participants too come up with innovative things which are beyond my bandwidth and I learn from them. This was the hardest month (August ’18) as I am not a Harry potter fan. I knew bits and pieces here and there but haven’t read or seen all movies yet. Still, I some how managed because I love playing it. Hosts might have changed in between but the essence has been the same. Life of Real Moms team, Kudos to you.

Dr Mitali Haria Bhatia
August 23, 2018